Experience the grandeur of the Grand Hotel Carezza, the majestic escape in the heart of the Dolomites. Today, the beauty and opulence of these awe-inspiring mountains are met with the tradition and luxury of this stronghold that is destined to thrive here forever. The Grand Hotel Carezza is a monument; it is the amor that ties what the Dolomites were to their promising future.

A hotel with heritage, it is our guarantee of charming yesterday living in contemporary elegance. Each corner across this fortress is here because the love of being comfortable and the desire to hug hospitality. The lobby features our concierge and doorman, who in their exquisite and excellent execution, are a magical promise to everyone visiting.

All rooms at the Grand Hotel Carezza offer contemporary opulence and indoor comfort first and foremost. Whether going for a standard room with a double bed for a couple or a twin room for friends’ accommodation or a luxurious noisette or a suite, it is all very spacious and comfortable. The rooms boast stunning panoramas overlooking the mighty mountains, and upon waking up, everyone can see the Palata ski area in all its glory.

Grand Hotel Carezza is a culinary experience in the kitchen of ChefAllen Benedetti. Forget any notion that hotel dining is of a standard and forget about amenities that don’t adjust the taste, look, or ingredient standard of their food.

Wellness is part of the Grand Hotel Carezza on a plate. Treatments, sauna, a pool, and in-house therapy services make wellness for grand visitors. The hotel is in contact with the astonishing stranger dolomites; therefore, grand hotel is excellent positioning for holidays. This hotel is already known just for the wellness center; it’s also superb a base searching and skiing in the winter months on the world-class slopes during the summer hat and spring on the straightforwardly picturesque trails.

The hotel is also a grand venue for events and conferences. Regardless of the occasion, the grand hotel’s event management team will plan a surprise for the guests.

At Grand hotel, everything is about you; the welcoming staff will exceed your expectations by planning family holidays, shopping tours, and shuttles. A desire and vague prayer are simply part of the extraordinary grand hotel experience. Our staff is continually keen to learn about the most unusual and daring cocktail combining, funky adventures to advise.

Welcome to the Dolomites, welcome to involve your extra hour in the lifetime experience that is Grand Hotel Carezza.